world, extended version.

happy accidents – say no more. you're messing up, and afterward everything is much better than it was before. happy accidents – something goes wrong and you wonder why that can't happen to you more often. try this: link musicians' brains together. one of them should be yours. you gradually get into it and pick up speed. your arms, fingers, feet, hips and sphincters are all working perfectly. totally relaxed, you invent the world. extended version, 15:42. at this moment you are composing the moment. you hear someone playing your instrument. they're playing next week's slip-ups. every self is forgotten. everyone de-individualizes themselves in their own individual way. the thought aggregates reach a common aggregated state: fluid. there are so many ways of having a happy accident. one of them will come to you. you develop to the mental benefit of the listeners. and all this for zero money. pure idealism.


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Happy Accidents


happy accidents are accidents that turn out to be happy.

something went wrong that - admittedly against first expectation -
results in an unforseen improvement.
the frictionless merger into an aggregatioN of four musical brains is,
however, conditional and stipulated in advance. Every one of them
has to listen to all of them and also to himself, has to listen all of it,
recognizes his instrument perhaps among all the others without
knowing that he is the one who is just playing it.
does that mean that something that is already there is being reeled
off, recalled, run off or is it a constant dynamic, perhaps a distillation
of something experienced and discovered during the week?
otherwise past all description - mysterious. In any case, not a process
that does contain a reproduction of something practiced before but
spontaneous discovery, spontaneous composing that materializes in
an instant.

art is a state of being

a state of forgetting oneself in togetherness.a timespan created during
which music played by oneself results in a transformation - an awareness
to all musicians and at their disposal - with a multiplicity of connections,
out of which, however, only one actually resounds.
perhaps a process where every one sheds his individuality and merges
into a state of self forgetfulness - I myself, as a player, don‘t do anything -
perhaps I am listening. Who acts are the arms and fingers, a rocking foot,
a rotating movement from the hip - a relaxation as far down as the
sphincter muscle - flying away while in a state of absorption into a
speckted white of tranparent nothing.

and all this without money!
pure idealism - it is a matter of an idea. we are dealing here with a
spiritual-musical process running off for its own benefit. this causes
musical development, a new sound pattern with different effect -
this, in turn, lets a new facet unfold itself - for the spiritual well being of
listeners and musicians alike.

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