world, extended version.

happy accidents – say no more. you're messing up, and afterward everything is much better than it was before. happy accidents – something goes wrong and you wonder why that can't happen to you more often. try this: link musicians' brains together. one of them should be yours. you gradually get into it and pick up speed. your arms, fingers, feet, hips and sphincters are all working perfectly. totally relaxed, you invent the world. extended version, 15:42. at this moment you are composing the moment. you hear someone playing your instrument. they're playing next week's slip-ups. every self is forgotten. everyone de-individualizes themselves in their own individual way. the thought aggregates reach a common aggregated state: fluid. there are so many ways of having a happy accident. one of them will come to you. you develop to the mental benefit of the listeners. and all this for zero money. pure idealism.


happy accidents is


happy accidents, that is


happy accidents - so what









 1 - A Plateful Of Secrets
 2 - China Cat Primrose
 3 - The Orange Song
 4 - Bright Star
 5 - Cutlet In Aspic
 6 - South Meadow
 7 - One Way Out
 8 - Extra Track (not on album)


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