»[This] is what is said about creative people, or artists, or talented criminals, that they can perceive things in a wide spectrum, from outside they can analyze structures, play games with that knowledge and manipulate it." Neil Andrew Megson« Neil Andrew Megson


the subculture is dead. long live the subculture.

frequency and rhythm put body and spirit in the mood. this was known even to the earliest bone flute players. these days, however, we're ready to turn to other things when we want happiness. and we don't often use bone flutes in the process, and in any case frequency and rhythm long ago degenerated into a means of oiling the machinery. they don't make us happy any more – instead they make us dumb. there's no difference if you blast yourself with 60 decibels or 100. but the net has a tried-and-tested remedy for industrialized and commercialized sound sterility and dumbing down by aural consumerism: creative listening on xtracks.org. sheer potential. pure spontaneity. identity is nothing, experiment is everything. the only people who know exactly how we want to live are we ourselves. others just sell us off. instead let us treat ourselves to something: music and attention. every day. and most of all, let's shake off capitalism.


xtracks.org, that is







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