not, not, not, disrupts.

circles is anti. anti-trend. but here and now. anti-muzak. doesn't wash over you, but washes more into you. circles is power-ambient. beats the opponent with his own weapons. doesn't manipulate, disrupts. doesn't suggest, disrupts. doesn't harmonize, disrupts. circles is ideas. lets them come. improvises. circles structures. sounds, noises, voices. circles is minimalistic and contemplative. metallic and hard. chaotic and confusing. circles creates frictional heat. burns. circles expects nothing. is unexpected. circles opens – itself and you. circles is for people who still don't have any power.


circles is


circles, that is




1.  After A Long Day 5:36
2.  Extraterrestrial Bakery 8:50
3.  Limitless 7:40
4.  Moldur 4:10
5.  Paper Ball 7:43
6.  Psychedelic Cupcake 5:36
7.  Unknown Sphere 8:21
8.  The Hunt 5:34
9.  Weird 4:21
10.Come Rain Or Shine 8:06


published under the creative commons license 2018

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