restless spirits

we first began working together in 2017 as fellow members of the Travelogue Scamps. when the Scamps folded, we joined forces as a duo, producing our first collaborative album, Truth to Power, in 2019. documenting the rise of post-truth politics in the United States and other imperilled democracies, Truth to Power was an album of protest songs whose timeliness, unfortunately, seems not yet to have passed (though we can cross our fingers and hope). after releasing it, we decided to seek our inspiration from a different muse, abandoning the aesthetics of protest in favour of such time-honoured themes as love and beauty, hope and yearning, loss and sorrow, and the unfathomable mysteries of life and death.
many of the songs on Restless Spirits were written and recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, when travel and live performance were prohibited and our lives—like everyone’s—were turned upside down. during this period, songwriting and music-making enabled us to stay connected with each other; to explore and express our fondest thoughts and deepest emotions; and to dream of new and better beginnings.
thank you for your interest in this project. we hope you will enjoy listening to these songs as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

this album is dedicated with love and admiration to Paul Marcano, multi-media artist and dreamer extraordinaire, who introduced us to each other, and whose art has long been a source of inspiration for us both… thanks, Paul!

bon jorno & hutchings is

Mike Bon Jorno: electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, mandolin
Kevin Hutchings: lead and background vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica

bon jorno & hutchings, that is

  • folk
  • blues
  • rock
  • grunge

restless spirits

1. Every Little Bit of Love

2. My Beautiful Dream

3. So Much Beauty

4. Tell Me a Secret (featuring Sabine Gramenz)

5. Get Up and Dance

6. Hurt (by Trent Reznor)

7. Anything for Love

8. Solo Pensamientos

9. To the Brave Ones

10. Xtraordinary Love
11. Restless Spirits (Don’t Bury Me in a Graveyard)


Sabine Gramenz: guest vocals on “Tell Me a Secret”

all songs written by Kevin Hutchings except “Solo Pensamientos” by Mike Bon Jorno, “Restless Spirits” (words by Hutchings, music by Bon Jorno), “Every Little Bit of Love” (words by Hutchings and Ric Munro; music by Hutchings), and “Hurt” (words and music by Trent Reznor, Leaving Hope Music, Inc.

recorded by Mike Bon Jorno at xtracks audio, Wiesbaden, European Union; and Rick Irvine at Cheslatta Records, Prince George, Canada
mixed by Mike Bon Jorno
mastered by George Seara,, Toronto, Canada
cover image created by Mike Bon Jorno

produced by Mike Bon Jorno and Kevin Hutchings
all rights reserved