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“These were a very little-known, but no less important experimental band from the early-1980's, based in Eppstein (just west of the Frankfurt suburbs). An inventive multi-instrumental duo (often helped by guests), Circles were carrying on in the spirit of Cluster, Harmonia, Liliental, et al., and recorded at least three highly inventive albums. Their music of Circles featured guitars and synthesizers predominantly, in inventive combinations, ranging from Michael Rother like melodic guitars and drums, via echo guitars and ambient styles (closer to Camera Obscura) through to purely avant-garde electronics. Released on their own tiny Einhorn label, and very obscure, Circles are one of the most fascinating of German ambient/electronic bands from the post new-wave era."

The musicians from Circles have also been involved in various other (even more) obscure projects, Dierk Leitert in Kofler & Leitert, and both members (plus Buschi Buchweitz) in D.O.C., which offer different developments from the Circles sound.

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Meanwhile, there are more than three albums and the musicians continued working 'til now. Here you can listen/download to (nearly) every album Circles has published over the years...

Circles (1983)  More Circles (1984) The 3rd Cycle (1986) 

 Analogistics (1988)

Opus Sinistrum (1989)  The Last Instant..(1992)  
 Silent Coil (1998)  Target (1999)   Wireless (2000)  
(En)Core (2001)  In The Moods (2001)   Tracks (2002)  
Mixed Up (2003)  Coloured Motions (2004)   120 to 49 (2005)  
Blackwater (2005)  Hard Stuff (2006)   Live Sessions (2006)  
Visions (2006)  Red Ray (2008)   Recall I+II (2009)  
But It's Art (2009)  Demolition (2010)   Abstract  (2011) 
Lost & Found (2012)  Bitcrusher (2013)   Loss Of Gravity (2015)  
Structures (2016)  Anybody Out There?  (2016)  Dug Out (2017)
Underground (2018)Underground   Verteilung 2  (2019)Verteilung 2  Machine (2020) Machine